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"This Memorial will serve as a powerful reminder of our need to be vigilant and to oppose vigorously the corrosive forces of intolerance, bigotry and hatred, wherever and whenever they may appear.  Designed by internationally renowned sculptor, Yaacov Agam, our Memorial is intended to 'remember the victims, not the killers'."
-Rabbi Edward Paul Cohn
Temple Sinai, New Orleans

"It's been 40 years since the New Americans Social Club first came together as an organization where we, as Holocaust survivors, could find a way to share our experiences, our pain and our triumphs in surviving  Hitler's plan to destroy our people.  The symbol of our determination will be the memorial.  It represents a final remembrance of us, our loved ones murdered, and the other millions we did not know."
-Felicia Fuksman
A Holocaust survivor who was held captive
 in the Ravensbruk Concentration Camp
 and came to New Orleans in 1950.

"This Memorial will not only be a remembrance of those who died and those who survived in America, but it will also be our tribute to the spirit of America.  In New Orleans, we were welcomed after World War II.  It was here, in freedom, that we rebuilt our lives, raised our families, started businesses and became part of the American dream.  The memorial will be our statement of remembrance and our expression of eternal gratitude to the people of New Orleans who opened their hearts to us."

-Shep Zitler
A Holocaust survivor who joined the Polish
Army fighting Germans and was held
 as a
prisoner of war in labor camps.  
He came
to New Orleans in 1949.